I have charmed and wowed piano bar audiences for 15 years in Europe and the Middle East. I’ve played and sung aboard cruise ships, at 5-star Italian hotels, and in Norwegian mountain pubs.  

Does your quiet dinner party/gathering need a sophisticated mood? I’m classically trained and have spent years creating and perfecting thoughtful, relaxed musical ambience for restaurants, bars, and private social events.

Maybe your party needs livening up, someone to play a sing-a-long request for your guests ‘round the piano...it’s what I do best!

I’ll even compose a song about your Guest of Honor, composed based on info you give me about the person and performed as a humorous roast (your boss’ birthday) or as a heartfelt tribute (a colleague’s retirement).




Greg Anderson  ::  PO Box 1791 Frisco, TX 75034  ::  gregmusicmonster@yahoo.com